ICD-11 Presentations & Workshops

  • ICD-11
    • Historical Background
    • Scientific Development of ICD-11
    • Structural Innovations & Diagnostic Principles
    • Diagnoses 

  • Assessment & Diagnostics
    • Legal issues
    • The Diagnosis Concept
    • The Diagnostic Process
    • Rational Assessment
    • Differential Diagnostics
    • Rational Documentation






  • Chairman, Specialist Psychologists Diagnosis Committee (SPDU)  (2020- )
  • Member, ICD-11 Core Group (Ch. 6), Danish Health Data Authority (2020- )
  • Advisor, International Union of Psychological Science IUPsyS and the American Psychological Association APA: Development of reference work on Psychopathology based on ICD-11. Zürich, Switzerland (2017)
  • Advisor, PriceWaterCoopers, WHO Publication Plan for ICD-11 (2016)
  • Consultant, Hogrefe Publishers, Translation of DSM-5 Desk Reference into Danish (2014)
  • Delegate, Nordic National Members Meeting on WHO’s Mental Health GAP Program & The ICD Revision Project, International Union of Psychological Science IUPsyS, Paris, France (2014)
  • Member, Senior Advisory Panel for ICD-11, American Psychological Association APA (2013- )
  • Delegate, HealthNet Review Meeting: Establishment of The Global Clinical Practice Network for ICD-11 Field Trials, International Union of Psychological Science IUPsyS, Istanbul, Turkey (2011)
  • Chairman, ICD Revision Committee by the Danish Psychological Association associated with World Health Organization (WHO) and International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) (2010-2014)